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Prior to going into business for himself, Larry Cropp developed over 20 years of experience establishing partnerships which provide mutual benefit for businesses. In 2003, he helped establish the first ever marketing partnership between a major financial institution and a direct sales organization. From 2005-2008, he was instrumental in leveraging a local toner manufacturer to expand into managed print solutions for businesses. From 2009 to 2013, he helped several automotive retailers in the Dallas area streamline their digital retailing and aftermarket operations. A Christian, husband of 22 years, and father of four girls, Larry has devoted his business enterprise to helping people establish financial, personal, and spiritual freedom.

Featured Posts

Idiots In a Straight-Up Trend

Idiots In a Straight-Up Trend

May 4, 2017 | No Comments

 There is a simple saying which I believe I first heard from Dallas/Ft Worth area businesswoman Nicole Porter: “It is better to be an idiot in a straight-up trend than a genius in a flat one.” These days, that is terribly apparent in commerce, and particularly in retail commerce. I was mildly horrified about a year […]

What An Expert Says Startups Need- And How We’re Stacking Up

What An Expert Says Startups Need- And How We’re Stacking Up

May 1, 2017 | No Comments

  How fascinating are startups to you? I’ll admit to being a little split on the subject. I absolutely love the concept of birthing an idea which serves the world, and marshalling the necessary resources to make it come to fruition. (All while making a handsome living for myself, of course!) At the same time, […]

How Simple Is It, REALLY, to Jump to Business-Owner?

How Simple Is It, REALLY, to Jump to Business-Owner?

Mar 5, 2017 | No Comments

I am including a video from a man I’ve never met before, but who continues to provide a lot of business and life counsel to a bunch or heroes of mine as well as several personal mentors. His name is Tim Marks. Today, he is a successful businessman, but his background is that of an […]

What Others Are Saying...

  • Thanks to being with Larry and his team, we found the freedom and focus to begin work start an outreach combating 21st century slavery here in the US and elsewhere in the world.

    - Gary & Stacy C- Mesquite TX

  • We’re just getting started working with Larry and his wife Brenda. I work as a business auditor in Kansas and live about 15 miles out of the city. I used to HATE having to stop by the grocer on emergencies- usually getting a bunch of junk we didn’t need because I didn’t know what to do. Today, I order it all from home, it’s at my porch a few days later, and I’m staying on budget now! I also love taking that profit margin and pocketing it so I can start building on the next step.

    - Karla H- Goddard KS

  • All I can say is – WOW! I had no idea that I could actually make an income on an activity I have to do (and usually dread doing!) I never considered before that I was making the store owner’s dreams come true rather than my own. Thanks Larry!

    - Thelissa R- Corinth TX

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